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Join a Community where Your Voice is Heard and Your Feelings are Validated

Wives Matter Community

Find Sisterhood, Empowerment, and Practical Guidance with The Wives Matter Network

Grow Your Vision

We believe that a strong, supportive community is key to building successful and fulfilling marriages, and our goal is to provide a safe space where wives can connect with each other, receive practical guidance, and feel empowered to create the life and relationship they deserve.

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Can You Relate To These Challenges?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsupported in your role as a wife?

Do you feel like you've lost touch with your identity and passions since getting married?

Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your partner and feel like you're speaking different languages?

Do you feel like you're constantly putting your own needs and desires aside to support your partner and family?

Are you dealing with infidelity or other relationship challenges?


Is a haven community for wives and aspiring wives offering sisterhood, empowerment, accountability, and practical guidance.

The wives Matter Network will provide the following:


Monthly empowerment videos and replays


Spiritual Guidance


Private Facebook group


Discounts on merchandise and events


Quarterly Book Club


Monthly Q&A Sessions

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  • Private website for members

  • Ongoing empowerment for wives and aspiring wives

  • Personal, spiritual, and professional development

  • Safe atmosphere to foster new relationships

  • Special discount on ASH Enterprises events and WMN merchandise

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Join the Wives Matter Network for Support, Guidance, and Validation


Empowering Sisterhood

Joining our community means that you will have a group of women who are committed to supporting, encouraging and uplifting you throughout your journey. 


Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions: Our community is dedicated to providing practical guidance on various topics related to marriage, parenting, and personal growth to help you navigate the challenges of life.


Hearing Your Voice

Hearing Your Voice: We understand the importance of feeling validated and heard. Our community provides a safe space for you to express your thoughts, concerns, and experiences without judgement.


The Wives Matter Community is a heaven community for wives and aspiring wives offering sisterhood, empowerment, accountability and practical guidance.


Connect with Other Wives and Find the Support You Need to Build a Stronger Relationship

Our community is built on the foundation of sisterhood, empowerment, accountability, and practical guidance. We understand the unique challenges that wives face, and our goal is to provide a space where you can feel heard, validated, and supported.


Whether you're a newlywed or have been married for years, we believe that everyone can benefit from being part of a supportive community like The Wives Matter Network.

  • Connect with a supportive community of wives

  • Strengthen your marriage and pursue personal goals with our guidance and support.

  • Prioritize your well-being while supporting your family

Andria Hudson

Andria Hudson is an acclaimed speaker who has risen to national and international prominence through delivering a message of hope and transformation for all people. As an authoritative and motivating voice, Andria's passion is to empower mankind to live without regrets and discover their inherent purpose. Through many challenges, she has developed an unwavering faith and a steadfast commitment to personal development and growth. She is a woman that functions in many capacities.

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